Why I Use Selz For E-commerce

Why I Use Selz For e-commerce

Why I Use Selz For E-commerce

Aug 03, 16
Shon Hyneman
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Where do I begin? Why I use Selz for e-commerce for both my businesses The Doctor of Love Show Podcast and Kairos Social Media Marketing?  Selz has everything one could ask for when it comes to promoting your product or service. You can add physical, digital, or services to the items section of your store.

When I first started using e-commerce online was the ever so popular PayPal. I used them for years until I read a blog by Social Media Marketer Ian Cleary of Razor Social on which best e-commerce sites to use for your business. When I saw all the functionalities that Selz offer, I made the switch quick (I’ll discuss the functionalities later).

If you know me, I’m all about the analytics and demographics. If you don’t know where your customers and potential customers are coming from how can you market to them? Are they living on the East Coast? Are they in another country? What social media platforms are they using the most? Where are they finding your content? Selz offer that in each product or service you display on your personalized page. This helps me tremendously so I know where to find my target audience.

I like that Selz are always finding ways to be innovative with their eCommerce site. They send very informative blogs on what’s to come or give you tips and strategies how to be a better marketer using Selz. I usually share their content on my Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook Like page so others can see what Selz are doing. I have turned on so many of my business associates and clients to Selz so they can use it for themselves. When I’m teaching classes one of the questions people ask me the most is:

Which e-commerce site are you using to secure funds? Then I ask them “Are you using Selz?” Then I show everyone the website and their functionalities.

Whaaa laaa!

Here are just some of the benefits of using Selz as your e-commerce site:

Cool Widgets

The widgets Selz provide are sleek, robust, and very user-friendly. I LOVE the way Selz widgets look on my website. You can add multiple images, audio, and video files to your widget (I’ll talk about that more). Giving the visitor an ultimate experience (and turning them into a potential customer)!

Install Selz via the WordPress plugin on your website, or you can use the Widget on your Facebook business page!

Purchase a Theme for Your Store and Stand out From the Competition

Recently Selz incorporated new themes for your store. Plus you can add your latest social media posts and blog there as well. You know how serious I am about producing content. One of the best ways to bring awareness to your brand is through blogging on a consistent basis, then distributing to your email subscribers and across your social media platforms. Purchasing a theme from Selz is worth the investment and it makes you look professional. Free can only take you so far.

Make Your Brand Trusted by Adding a Video or Audio Snippet

When someone is trying to decide if they should purchase from you, why not add the video or audio to the widget? By doing this, it brings more trust to the potential buyer. I can’t tell you how many classes I taught on social media marketing and when they see my Widgets from Selz they are like “Where do I sign up?”

I’ve created online courses and uploaded the files through Selz. Digital marketing is everything in today’s social media world. The great thing about creating online courses and eBooks is you don’t have to worry about inventory. Plus you created a product that will sell itself over and over again when it took you one time to create it. Create more digital products; Selz will take care of that!


If you are interested in doing e-commerce the smart and innovative way, use my Selz affiliate link to get started!

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