Dr. Gayle

I thoroughly enjoyed your social networking workshop while I was in Phoenix last Saturday. It was enlightening and I learned a lot. I’m going to put many of your tips to work immediately. Everybody needs to understand how to use social networking for business and ministry. -Doctor Gayle Rogers















Perry Beasley

I had an amazing time yesterday at the Kairos Social Networks Workshop! Relate-able teaching style, informational content, and helpful staff. I have already implemented my new knowledge! -Perry Beasley Jr.












Yvette Davis McGee

As a business owner, I understand the importance of maximizing social media as a marketplace resource. Kairos Social workshop was not only informative and hands-on with instruction, but created an environment that made anyone feel comfortable to ask ANY question; very helpful for someone technically challenged! Looking forward to part 2! -Yvette Davis-McGee

















OD Harris

Kairos Social workshop was dynamic and informative. Kairos Social workshop will leave you pleading for more. Shon has masterminded what it takes to be a social media guru. His wealth of knowledge is diverse, impacting, and innovative. The articulation and the presentation of the information was delivered exceptional. Every business and individual should look to Kairos Social first for all their social media needs. -OD Harris

















LaNée Javet

I thought I knew a fair amount of information regarding social media, but after sitting in on Kairos Social class on social media I’ve elevated my understanding. Shon makes learning the fundamentals of social media fun and easy to understand. I walked away with my own personal Twitter golden nugget, that I applied immediately and have already started seeing results. Kairos Social is the real thing! -LaNee Javet

















My wife and I attended the Social Media Workshop and to say we learned a lot would simply be an understatement we have been applying some of the tips we learned and we are already seeing results looking forward to the next one! -Booker T.










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