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What If Your Favorite Social Media Site Shuts Down

What If Your Favorite Social Media Site Shuts Down?

Aug 24, 16
Shon Hyneman
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What would happen if your favorite social media site shuts down? What if Facebook decided to charge you to be on their platform? What if Facebook just shut down? I know what you are thinking It will never happen! Well, to put things in perspective, this recently happened to me with the video platform Blab.


For those who don’t know about Blab, it’s similar to video recording platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live and Google Hangout. The cool thing about Blab was four people can get on a live video chat at one time, from all over the globe. After a video recording, Blab would send you the mp4 (video) and mp3 (audio) via email for use.

How cool is that?!

I used Blab to record my Podcasts A Kairos Moment (social media marketing for startup businesses and entrepreneurs) and The Doctor of Love Show (marriage preparation for singles). The system was perfect! Here’s how it worked:

I would find guests for the podcasts (click here to find out how I interviewed more than 100 people and how to find guests) and schedule a certain day of the week to interview my guest. Blab even created a widget and countdown timer you could embed on your website.

-Upload the flyer to Blab so people could subscribe and watch live according to the day scheduled. Those who subscribed to your show would get a notification when you go live.

-I created a custom made flyer for my guests through Canva  (click here to see some of my work). We would share the flyer across social media and the link to subscribe.

-I would record the video live on Blab with my guest, then take the video I received and edit a 3-minute snippet to upload organically to Facebook, take the same video and upload to YouTube.

-Since I’m more of a Podcaster, I took the audio (mp3) and edited through Audacity (with an intro, outro, and commercial slots). When finished I would upload the audio (using Podcasting hosts Spreaker and Libsyn) to all the major Podcasting platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Google Play.

-I would take the links from the major podcasting platforms and email them to my guests so they can share on their social media platforms, bringing massive exposure for both parties.

That was a smooth system and it worked almost a year. Then it happened. One day I got an inbox from a person I would be interviewing on Blab. She said:

I know you were interviewing me on Blab, but I heard they just shut down.

After receiving the inbox message, I immediately went to Blab to see if it was true. Yep, it happened. Blab was finished. The main platform I used to record Podcasts were shut down. Just like that.

Now what?

I had guests lined up for Blab interviews!  I had to find an alternative quick!

Although I was frustrated there was no time to complain. My Podcasts must go on…even without Blab!

So, what did I do?

I had two choices. Either I could use Skype and a 3rd party app like Pamela (you could record your Skype interview) or use Spreaker recording interface and Skype.

I chose the latter. Why use Spreaker? The interface is easy to use and it gives you a studio-like feel. Using Spreaker gives you the ability to go live and send notifications to your subscribers.

So, if your favorite social media site shuts down, how will you stay in touch with your audience?  Don’t invest all your time and content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram and neglect your website content. The aforementioned social media sites are excellent places to share your message, but social media platforms are equivalent to renting an apartment. Your website is owning a home.

Are you a renter or owner?