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What can make your videos stand out from the crowd Kairossocial.com

What Can Make Your Videos Stand Out From The Crowd?

Nov 23, 16
Shon Hyneman
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Want to start your own media company? What can make your videos stand out from the crowd? OD Harris, founder of OD Harris media will share with you. I’ve had the honor of working with OD Harris Media personally and this guy is really good! I had to bring him on A Kairos Moment Podcast! Visit his website at http://www.odharrismedia.com

OD Harris media is a cutting edge media company offering the trifecta of mass communication with an emphasis on providing meaningful content to audiences that encourages and inspires.  Well versed in Broadcast, Digital, and Print media, OD Harris Media has covered major media productions from the Super Bowl, Grammys, the Oscars, Nascar, and a host of others.  OD Harris Media has also produced multiple reality shows; more specifically has partnered with 20th Century Fox for  “Empire After Talk” based off the Fox hit, “Empire”.  This self-funded company has

This self-funded company has created a name for itself in under five years under the direction of serial entrepreneur OD Harris-Black Wall street 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.  OD Harris Media’s body of work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, several digital outlets, has been recognized for many awards, and noted as a company with significant social media influence.

Questions asked on How to Make Your Videos Stand Out From The Crowd:

-Tell the listeners how OD Harris Media got started

-Everyone doesn’t have OD Harris money. If someone wanted to start a media company on a budget, what equipment would you tell them to purchase?

-Is it better to start your own media company or pay someone else to edit your videos?

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