The ministry is in the music. Kairos Social Media helped Gospel860 win a Stellar Award in 2015!

Here are some clients Kairos Social worked with across Arizona. I have done numerous consultations with small businesses, churches, and stage play producers.


Wisdomantics is a fun game for players which allows them to gain the wisdom of King Solomon. This game combines 400 multiple choice quotes from the book of Proverbs, and a state-of-the-art interactive board game. The iPad users will also enjoy board game illustrations that chronicle the life of Solomon. The user-friendly programming removes the guess work and blends chance, knowledge, and strategy. The first player to build Solomon’s temple wins!







We are a leading vein care facility dedicated to clinical and operational excellence. Come see what we can do for you








Henderson-Hughes Health Partners

Henderson-Hughes Health Partners (H3P) is a public health advocacy, health consulting and health literacy nonprofit organization.









West Valley Family Outreach

Apply our counseling skills to the needs of children and their families with an emphasis on behavioral health care within a home environment.









C Grayce Bernard

Author | Mom Coach | Transformational Leader C. Grayce Bernard is an empowerer of single mothers, with a mission to transform the plight of single motherhood into a journey worthy of dignity, praise, celebration and accomplishment.


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