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African-Americans & social media

African Americans & Social Media

Jan 30, 16
Shon Hyneman
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African Americans & Social Media: Pure Entertainment or a Way of Making Money?
w/ the founder of Culsire LaNee Javet
For more info on LaNee, visit her website at


African-Americans & Social Media LaNée Javet is the CEO of Legacy Jeté Brand Media, the founder of CulSire, and she is a Mogul Business Architect who helps entrepreneurs and businesses elevate to their mogul stature. She too has those same desires for connectivity of Black communities and information.  She had the idea to create a platform that would be dedicated to the strength and resilience of the Black culture and the desires of all those who struggled and fought for the life and rights that she and many others have today.  An environment that would cultivate a more connected global Black community through a one stop shop for Black information and from those aspirations… CulSire was born.

It all started back in 2003 when LaNée’s son was two years old.  She considered how the world would receive this Black boy and one day, this Black man and wrote down everything she wanted to change to ensure him a great education, inclusion, an understanding of his value, the same access, limitless opportunities, and a strong sense of community, amongst many other things.  Though she revised the list each year, it wasn’t until we had a Black President being openly attacked in the White House, a further decline in race relations, and a disconnection of our Black communities that she knew it was time to do something to help Black people help Black people.  No more dreaming or lists.  It was time to take action!

LaNée Javet was raised by her single mother, along with two younger sisters, in Southern California. She definitely understands hard work, struggle, and life challenges because she grew up watching her mother work several jobs to make ends meet and her father go in and out of jail.  As you can imagine, this was initially very troubling for her as a child and she lost her way for a moment, but later, the birth of her son and her growing entrepreneurial craving to do something unprecedented for the Black community took full control.

LaNée’s goal was to help Black businesses grow, give young people something affirming and different to look at, and to connect communities with provocative information through a single hub.  She thought, “We can’t get on the same page as a people because there’s no one page.”  There’s no one single place to be connected, to access resources, and to find out what’s happening in our communities across the nation.

The focus of the platform is to represent the aspirations we have as a people, which are the same that our ancestors had (those desires haven’t changed in centuries), and that is to see our children grow up to be healthy, educated, engaging adults who are free to define their own lives without restriction.  Add to that focus a representation of how Black people live, the way we see ourselves, how we engage, our experiences and customs, basically, our culture and you have “CulSire” – where culture meets desire.

LaNée believes we have to take steps today, in this generation, if we’re going to improve life for the next generations and to do that, we have to be well-informed.  LaNée launched on March 15, 2014, to be the premier lifestyle, education, entertainment, and empowerment destination for people of color around the world.

LaNée’s ultimate vision is to see CulSire be a single point that includes state/city pages where you can find out what’s happening in your community and others. A place where you can find career resources, Black business directories, Black history, events, historical site information, and other points of unity.  Where you can find education, youth resources and scholarship information, and where Black family, life, beauty and positive images are show cased.

The commitment to this endeavor did not come without intentional sacrifice.  Realizing it would be a huge undertaking and commitment to initiate this type of movement, LaNée worked while she went back to school and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Innovation and her Master’s in Business Administration.  Then in 2013, she resigned from her corporate position to pursue her vision full-time.

LaNée Javet brings a true entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to better the Black community. She believes that CulSire will not only help the state of Black people in our generation but will also cultivate a better global Black community for us all. She is committed to the advancement of that global community today more than ever before.

Taking the entrepreneurial leap

Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

Jan 30, 16
Shon Hyneman
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Before you take the entrepreneurial leap, there’s some things that need to be in place first. What are they? Find out on this episode of A Kairos Moment Podcast w/ social media extraordinaire Brandy Butler.

For more info on Brandy visit her website
To purchase Brandy preferred book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

Brandy Butler

I’m Brandy Butler, I am an Online Business Coach & Strategist who is passionate about the power of spreading positive messages.  I help my clients to MAGNIFY their message & gain momentum in their business.  Having a professional IT background, I like to equate the computer programming term “Garbage In, Garbage Out” to our societal inputs such as music, news, and television.  In my heart, I believe that if MORE great and uplifting content could get as much exposure as the filth that is currently perpetuated throughout today’s media, the positive impact on society and subculture would be tremendous!

It’s my personal mission to help spread more positive messages to the masses.  I help my clients get their platform messages maximum exposure while allowing them to focus on their central business functions.  Bottom line, I handle my client’s key online platform marketing elements which frees them up to focus on their personal genius.

My first online business taught me the real power of having an online platform.  What started out as a hobby on the side became my first lesson in brand loyalty, building a tribe, content and relationship marketing.  Within months of my first business, my sales expanded beyond the US.  I had gone global baby!  My customers were spread as far as the UK, Australia, and Japan.  By partnering with bloggers, I was able to generate enough buzz that local boutiques and salons began to wholesale my products. I was drawn to the power of content marketing so much that I eventually sold my major sales brand for a 5 figure amount.  I then began to concentrate my business attention on content marketing, blogging and platform building.

Out of everything that I have done in terms of content marketing, podcasting has been the number one activity that have boosted my brand and made me stand out.  I WISH that I would have started podcasting sooner in my journey.  In fact, my life has been equally impacted by the podcast shows of others.  Some of my biggest breakthrough moments have been spurred by lessons I’ve learned while podcast listening.  My belief in the power of podcasting is so strong that I founded the Prominent and Profitable Podcast Concierge Service [link to P&P].  Prominent and Profitable is an A to Z podcasting solution that helps busy speakers, authors, and coaches get their podcasts published and managed without any hassle of tech or time intensity.

My professional background consists of 15 years of experience in IT Project Management and Quality Assurance.  I hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s of Business Administration.  Trust me, I goooood on paper, Honey!  BUT what good does it serve having a fancy title or job if you don’t feel like you are living up to your potential?  What good does it serve the world if you are not living up to your calling?   After a while your soul stirs so loud that you are no longer able to ignore it.  I made the BOLD decision to change my career path.  I’m ecstatic about walking a path that is authentic to me.  NOW, I absolutely love the work that I do!  I work with passionate thought leaders, healers, and game changers that are committed to living at their highest level and making a real difference in the world.

I know what it’s like to feel that your career is not in alignment with your own personal truth.  For this very reason, I also have a podcast named “Girl Just Quit”, where I help women to get crystal clear about what they really want from their work life and expand their views on income opportunity. I want provide encouragement for the women who currently live in the place that I once dwelled.

When I’m not busy planning world domination, I enjoy spending time with and cooking for my family.  I am a loving wife, mother of two wild boys and one precious princess.  The most important thing that you should know about me is…I’m a ROCK STAR, with a dose of tenacity the size of the Mississippi River.  I want to see you win and I will do everything in my power to bring your vision to light…Hellz Yeah you should work with me! 

A Girlfriend's Guide to Social Media

A Girlfriend’s Guide To Social Media

Jan 29, 16
Shon Hyneman
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A Girlfriend's Guide to Social Media A Girlfriend’s Guide is the brainchild of Maria Benson and LaTricia Woods. This space is dedicated to the things you discuss with (and questions you have for) your girlfriends. Consider this your cheeky guide hot topics.

Maria and LaTricia love to chitchat and share tales their readers. Their most recent project, A Girlfriend’s Guide to Social Media, helps readers gain a better understanding of the benefits of social media. Maria, who is referred to as the Techie, gives step-by-step instructions to assist readers with implementation. LaTricia, the Talkie, breaks down the benefits of each platform and provides the reader with helpful dos and don’ts. To purchase A Girlfriend’s Guide to Social Media click here 




Duane Bluestein

How to Land Sponsors

Jan 24, 16
Shon Hyneman
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How can you land sponsors for your business? Find out with special guest & marketing expert Duane Bluestein
For more info on Duane visit his website
For Duane preferred book The 48 Laws of Power, click here

Duane BluesteinAs the Founder and CEO of DB Productions, we also established a non profit The Bluestein Bunch that helps raise money for our feeder group Roadto777. 7 FOUNDATIONS, 7 MONTHS, 7 EVENTS to raise 777k. We use events to establish a networking group to spread our message, in return we produce high profile televised sporting and entertainment programs to raise money for the empowerment of women and children.






Wish you had time to promote your product or service? Is your job taking your time? Find out how to Crush It on Social Media While Working a Full-Time Job 

Vince Orleck

Social Media in 2016

Jan 24, 16
Shon Hyneman
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What Social Media platform should you pay attention to in 2016? Find out with special guest Vince Orleck
For more info on Vince, visit his website
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Vince OrleckVince Orleck been a resident of the Valley for over 10 years and have loved every minute of life here. Phoenix is where I met my beautiful wife Marissa and where we are raising our two daughters Salma and Valentina, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vince is currently managing social media and brand presence online for Plexus Worldwide, a health and wellness company located in Scottsdale. I also proudly organize Social Media Club Phoenix and try to help with some of the heavy lifting for Social Media Day Phoenix each June.

My original home is Providence, Rhode Island where I was born and grew up. I will always have a place in my heart for coffee milk, stuffies, and hot wieners! I moved away in 2000 and lived in Maryland and Florida prior to ending up in Arizona.