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Why Should There be a Separation Between Your Facebook Personal Page and Business Page

Dec 31, 14
Shon Hyneman
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Create a facebook business pageThe most common mistake I see on Facebook is people promoting their business as their personal Facebook page. Why should there be a separation between the two? Let me explain:

Facebook gives you the option to create a business page, brand or product page, artist, band or public figure page, entertainment, cause or community page. The main reason Facebook allow you create separate pages because they knew using a business page and personal page together will confuse a potential friend…umm, I mean client for your business.

Here’s where you confuse a potential friend who are looking for you on Facebook

Let’s say I met you at a coffee shop and you told me we can become friends on Facebook. After you leave, I get my coffee, have a seat and look you up through Facebook search. The problem is this: when I find you, there’s a picture of your product or logo on your profile picture (your personal page). What’s wrong with that? You might ask. As a new “friend” of yours (we just met in the coffee shop) I instantly think you will try to sell me your product or service.

When this occurs, some people won’t take the chance of becoming your friend on Facebook. The majority of people on Facebook aren’t there for you to shove your service or product down their throat. People want to watch videos, catch up with old friends (or old flames, but you didn’t hear it from me) see pictures from other family members who live in another state.


If you are promoting a product or service, your friends will get tired of seeing it.

Most people on Facebook want to be your friend, not your customer (that’s why you separate the two pages). Ok, say I did accept your friend request on Facebook with your product or service as your profile picture. Every time you post something on the main wall, all I can think about is you trying to sell me something. So when you do try to sell me something from your personal page, you are tempting me to hide your posts from my timeline. You do know you can do that on Facebook right? I’m not saying you can’t promote your service or product on Facebook, but mixing your personal page with your business page only make things harder for you to sell on Facebook.

Have you been to a gas station and there’s a guy selling his CD’s or a kid selling Pixie Sticks for a Charity outside? If you been to that same gas station more than once and see the same guy, it frustrates you to walk in the store because he’s going to approach you like he never seen you before and say__________ (you fill in the blank). Yes, it’s kind of like that on Facebook when you mix the personal and business page on Facebook and then try to promote your product or service over and over again.

I hope you aren’t selling Pixie Sticks…..

Here’s Why You Create Your Business Page Separate

Facebook gives you the option to switch from your personal page to your business page (if you created one). You now can operate as B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer) because you are now posting on Facebook as your business. When people see you post something on Facebook as your business, they see you as a business and not as a friend trying to sell you something (yes, there is some psychology in Facebook for a reason). Do you see this as common in your Facebook community?

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Why Should I Be On LinkedIn?

I’m a Small Business Owner – Why Should I be on LinkedIn?

Dec 09, 14
Shon Hyneman
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According to founder Reid Hoffman, millions of small business owners are already members of his business-oriented social media site, LinkedIn. So why is the site so popular with small business owners, and why should you join it if you haven’t already? LinkedIn’s many benefits for small business owners include easy branding and marketing, networking, sales, and hiring. By utilizing its features such as groups and status updates, LinkedIn will make your small business stronger than ever.

Branding and Marketing for Your Small Business

LinkedIn makes it easy for small business owners to establish a brand for and market their small business. With this site, companies can establish a strong presence and identity by delivering new content that defines them as a brand and makes them unique. LinkedIn’s Profile feature allows you to show the world who you are and what you do with a company description along with a list of services and product information, and use the Groups feature to increase your business connections. Once you have gained a strong LinkedIn following, other members can recommend your company and follow your updates. Keeping customers engaged is the best way to maintain relevance for your company and ensure that you get repeat business.

The use of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is another way that LinkedIn can help you to successfully market your business. Use keywords in links that will help your LinkedIn page appear higher in the results on search engines such as Google. Finish your profile, ask for and give recommendations, and make sure that you add a professional profile picture to attract viewers to your site.

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Hiring Employees

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for finding excellent job candidates, and nine in ten recruiters use LinkedIn for this purpose. The site allows you to find superior candidates and make fast decisions based on their profiles. With LinkedIn, you can “scope out” potential job prospects and view their resumes before seriously considering them, saving you time. Find prospective employees who have connections with competitors to keep on top of your market. LinkedIn also allows you to find and seek out ideal candidates who may not actively be looking for a job. Lastly, remember to change your status to “hiring” when you are searching for new employees so that job seekers can find you!

Branding, marketing, and hiring are just a few of the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer to small business owners. By putting its features to use, you can grow your business and stay relevant to customers. The ability to easily hire new employees will make your job as a small business owner easier and will save you time. Putting features such as groups, your profile, and status updates to good use will maximize your chances of successfully using LinkedIn to grow your business.

How do you plan to use the site’s benefits to grow your business?