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Simple Steps to Increase Your Twitter Following

Sep 18, 14
Shon Hyneman
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Simple steps to increase your twitter following

The internet is a wonderful information sharing enterprise.  Unfortunately, there are billions of people with things to share.  So how do you get the information you want to share where people can see it?  There are ethical and unethical ways to promote your twitter account.  We will focus on the ethical way because those are the followers who are meaningful and who will benefit you the most.

Content is King

Think how many tweets you might send out in a day.  So many tweets, especially personal ones, are insignificant.  If you want tons of people to follow you, you have to have information worth sharing.  So on that next twitter post, make it worthwhile.  Make it relevant.  And make it useful.  Who is your target audience? If you know, then blog about their pain points and how you can be a solution to the problem.

Timing is everything

When you post a tweet that meets the content we are looking for, you usually just tweet it and forget it.  Well, studies show that the most Twitter traffic is during the day.  If you post yours at night, you might be getting lost in the pile of tweets.  So do yourself a favor and repost your tweet two or three times throughout the day to make sure everyone sees it.  Don’t overdo it so you don’t look like a spammer.  But definitely post once during the day and once at night at the very least.

Your Bio tells it all

Have a creative and articulate biography section.  Many people go straight to the bio before following someone.  So make sure you have a nice picture and a description that is appropriate for what you are trying to convey with your Twitter account.  Be fun, be professional, but most important, be yourself. And don’t forget to use a relevant hashtag in your bio (according to your target audience) so it’s easier for people to find you.

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Your @name everywhere

If you have Facebook and a blog, make sure you have a Twitter link on those sites.  If you have any print media, you must have you Twitter handle.  Leave your handle on any printed material, business cards, bulletin boards, Craig’s List, anywhere you can that is relevant.


Follow the people who follow you.  Often they have another wide array of followers who could potentially be your followers, too.  And engage with the people who follow you.  Ask questions, send quotes of the day, polls, etc.  Interaction is key with Twitter. When someone follows you make sure to Tweet them with a thank you for following and say their name. Doing this shows your follower you care. I would say 80% of the people on Twitter aren’t doing this. This will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.


Another excellent way to get out there is to find hashtags that are trending.  Then post relevant posts including that hashtag.  Engage in a conversation with other users and you will instantly get new followers.  Make the hashtag relevant to your work so it makes you easier to be found by people addressing that certain hashtag.  If you have a beauty supply business it might not be good business sense to hashtag duck hunters.  Trying to force trending hashtags just to be seen will make you look out of order and people will notice it.

Twitter is really a basic and simple social media tool.  Just post good, relevant content and people will follow you.  And over time, more people will follow you.  Be engaging.  Interact with other people with similar interests.  Be kind and retweet their messages.  The more you tweet, the more people will notice you.  So get busy!