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How To Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

Jun 25, 14
Shon Hyneman
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Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world. A great Facebook page can be used to promote a product, gain a following, and build a brand, but without page likes it will never get off the ground. Simply putting up a page and hoping it will grow is not enough if you want your Facebook page to succeed. There are many things you can do to increase the amount of Facebook likes your page is getting and encourage more people to see what you have to offer. The number one aspect of a successful Facebook page is a loyal following and without one, no one will ever have a chance to see what your page is about. Here are some simple yet effective tips on how to get more Facebook page likes.

Having a complete profile is the first step every Facebook page owner should take. The Facebook page you have is the first thing people see when they are looking for whatever it is you’re offering. If your page is incomplete it looks like it wasn’t worth the effort and you are already portraying a negative image right from the start. Putting in the time to fill out everything on your Facebook page and add any relevant information allows people to discover who you are and will tell them what it is you’re offering. If your page is properly filled out people will like it right away, and then share it, which will result in even more likes.

If you have a website already and aren’t using Facebook as the main way you get traffic and followers, adding social plugins is a great way to encourage people to visit your site. It’s as easy as adding a link to your website telling people to visit your Facebook page and give it a like. If the content is high quality they will likely visit your Facebook page and like it just to support you. If you don’t have a website you should inform all your friends, family, and any relevant pages that your page is currently up and running. In today’s social media world it’s all about spreading information and the more people that share your page the more likes it will get.

Publishing engaging content and interacting with your target community is the final piece in the Facebook like puzzle. You can start by visiting other pages (by changing from your personal page to fan/business page) similar to yours, liking them, and don’t forget to leave comments on their page! If the content you provide is high quality, unique, and not spammy, then people will probably like your page and continue to share it. Interaction is key and will help your page build a loyal following and rack up the likes. The more likes you get the more exposure your Facebook page will receive so by following these previously laid out methods you can be sure your page will grow in popularity and eventually become successful. Do you find these tips helpful?


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